Monday, May 07, 2007

Ashburn Village Animal Hospital gets an awesome review from me!

I took Cracker to see Dr. Steven Velling today at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital ( and he was extremely thorough in checking her out and really went in depth to explain a few things I didnt know as well as give me some first aid tips in case Cracker and Lisa ever got into a fight. Aside from the professional side of things, we was an extremely nice guy and really easy to talk to. He took the time to get Cracker used to him before he even started any of the exam.

So, the result is that Cracker is a very healthy bird. He noticed her chemistry was very slightly off but he said that is probably going to be corrected since I had already changed her to a very good diet. We'll go back for a check up next month and make sure things are falling back into place.

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