Sunday, April 22, 2007

Someone pinch me... please :) Me buying a house is now even more than a reality!

So we put in a contract yesterday asking for a lower selling price and for the seller to pay closing costs and today they accepted it..... The home inspection will probably be on Friday or on Monday.... I just can't believe all of this, really. God truly is amazing.... not only did he provide for my taxes but He also took the bread and fish and multiplied it to provide this as well. Amongst all of this, God provided for me to also help out with New Life's building fund which is something that I thought there would be no possible way for me to do.

It's amazing how God can multiply anything and provide for multiple things all at the same time. It is completely unbelievable!

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.... I am excited, I am thankful... and I'm also very scared -- which I suppose is only natural.... but God provides and I know He will continue to.

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