Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish I was an asshole

I think the primary problem with the subject of this blog post isn't the content of it but rather the fact that this world forces people into that statement. Our world is going more and more downhill and it's been documented, planned, and pushed forward towards that than some people realize. Just sit back and think about it.... we're supposed to work together on everything and be a team.... its taught to us by people above us constantly..... almost every employer has those signs hanging somewhere or at least pushes that statement -- and statement is really the best way to describe it because how many of us actually know of employers that show that in their own day to day operations? It sounds really good to say that you support team work but it's really easier to work towards you own personal profits if you leave that part out.....

In my daily life I continue to be as helpful and kind as I can be and most of the time I get punished for it.... I'm still single but yet I'm told by lots of girls that I am so sweet and such a great person which is followed by them talking about their asshole boyfriend which she someday breaks up with and then finds another asshole boyfriend..... so why am I single? Well, it simply seems that a big reason is that I am NOT and asshole. Or how about trying to make things better for someone or something? I enjoy going the extra mile and helping people out but what happens if it steps on someone who just happens to like doing things the way it's always been done no matter how inefficient it is or how many people are put in danger or many other various reasons? Well it's obvious -- I get punished for it. Perhaps the saddest part about all of this is that if I were, in fact, the asshole then it wouldn't hurt nearly as bad as it does.......

..... it's hard to hurt if you can't feel anything :(

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Stephen McGuire said...


I think you're wrong, we are not called to be assholes or called to be mean and disrespectful. Do we mess up at times and act that way? Yes certainly but it's not what we're called to do.

It's not your fault that the women you have met in that situation you describe have no self respect. We are called to be helpful and respectful of others and while we aren't always that way it's our goal. To change that goal to something otherwise is contradictory to what Christ has taught us.

If you believe changing your attitude toward others to something that is contradictory to what Christ teaches then the problem isn't others or what you believe. It's in your heart. You might think you're being the best person possible but harboring feelings of resentment toward others might be part of what others see in you. People's perception of you maybe influenced by your actions and what's in your heart being contradictory.

Standfast to what Christ has taught us and persevere through the hard times. Don't allow the normal feelings of resentment and anger in your heart well up and control you. (Yes another difficult challenge that I fight with personally.)

There is someone out there for you and the only way you'll recognize that and allow her to recognize you is through faith in Christ and standing fast to what he has taught us.

Your friend in Christ, fighting the same fights along side you.