Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The day of a computer hardware technician

Here is just a brief breakdown of the typical day in the life of a computer hardware technician:

(25%) Waiting for an LSI or Adaptec controller to initialize

(25%) Waiting for a computer to reboot

(10%) Explaining something simple to an end user

(5%) Just doing that something simple FOR the end user

(10%) RMA'ing failed equipment

(5%) Explaining to corporate why something will or won't work

(10%) Trying to find a way to make whatever it was corporate bought that won't work for what you were trying to do since they ignored the above explanation

(5%) Turning a BIOS floppy image into a bootable ISO because manufacturers don't understand that no computer has a floppy drive anymore

(5%) Explaining to tech support that it IS their problem and then explaining how they should fix it

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