Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dude, don't get a Dell

I have gone from loving to hating and loving and hating Dell servers for quite some time. A couple years ago Dell announced they were becoming more "open" with things and allowing customizations and Open Source solutions. I just had a conversation on LiveChat with a sales agent that, well.... just check it out for yourself:

17:23:46 Customer Bob Mertz
Initial Question/Comment: I wnat to know if I can replace the PERC controllers in a 2970 with another controller of my choice?
17:23:56 System System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
17:23:56 System System
Connected with SMB_Mary
17:24:06 Agent SMB_Mary
Hi, this is Mary Wade from Dell Small Business Sales. I'll be the representative assisting you today, how can I help?
17:24:21 Customer Bob Mertz
I am currently investigating server solutions for a client of mine and I am looking at the PE 2970
17:24:34 Agent SMB_Mary
I believe this server requires a particular PERC card
17:24:39 Customer Bob Mertz
however, I would like to install a 3ware controller card
17:25:17 Customer Bob Mertz
Do you offer any similar servers that could accept a 3ware SATA/SAS RAID controller?
17:25:36 Agent SMB_Mary
well technically you can install it, however Dell does not support 3rd party parts therefore it would void your warranty.
17:25:51 Customer Bob Mertz
For the entire server?
17:26:23 Agent SMB_Mary
17:26:37 Customer Bob Mertz
My client likes Dell servers but I think that's enough for me to advise against Dell on this purchase then
17:26:40 Customer Bob Mertz
thanks for your time
17:26:56 Agent SMB_Mary
okay thank you, did you want the Dell part number?
17:27:07 Customer Bob Mertz
Dell part number for what?
17:27:21 Agent SMB_Mary
PERC card
17:27:25 Agent SMB_Mary
for 2970
17:28:20 Customer Bob Mertz
No. I have had bad experiences with all of Dell's PERC controllers. My client is asking for my recommendation on a project but if I can not replace the PERC controller without voiding the warranty on the entire server then I have to advise him to look at another vendor.

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