Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mice have expensive taste

Some people think that mice will just eat any old garbage but the truth is that they have a very expensive taste. Apparently gasoline is a very sweet taste to them and our cars have this amazingly tasty treat. Thankfully, mice are very good at chewing because if not, how would they be able to get through those thick rubber hoses in our cars that hold this bountiful treat?

This morning I went out to the Honda and threw everything in it to leave but when I went to get in the driver's side there was a nice little puddle of water on the floor.... I decided that with the rain and wind from the tropical storm coming through I should probably take the Grand Vitara today anyway. When I started the car I could smell gas really strong but it eventually went away -- or so I thought. This whole morning I had been feeling kind of out of it. Finally my customer and I decided to go to lunch and I drove.... he got a headache from the fuel smell so when we got back to the data center I popped the hood with the car running and saw gas spraying all over the passenger side of under the hood. Thankfully the fuel line that was spraying the fuel was right on top so I took it off and after looking at it it was very evident that a mouse had decided to have a feast on my fuel line. The problem is fixed now but I thought this was an interesting story to share.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping this type of thing from happening again?

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