Monday, January 21, 2008

Be glad you wrent me today

Its been a while since I blogged about a day in the life of Bob for the most part but I really think I need to recap the events of today.
  1. Sleep in and miss church
  2. Get up to get shower and have no water
  3. Spend time in crawlspace and ourside with outdoor temperatures of 12F
  4. Realize that water line from well is frozen
  5. Go to Target and buy rather large space heater
  6. Spend more time in crawlspace. Thankfully the outdoor temperature has now risen to 16F
  7. After hours I can finally get my shower and head into NoVA to hang out
  8. Come home to find that the pilot light has gone out on my gas log (primary source of heat for my house). House is now at 50F.
  9. Pilot light will not stay lit after the burners turn on so I do some cleaning with the vaccum. As I'm cleaning a mouse runs out from beside the fireplace and scares the shit out of me.
  10. Go out to the kitchen for a drink and find that the mice apparently planned today in advance and decided they would begin my demise by feasting on a bad of garbage I had removed last night but didnt get a chance to take to the dump.
  11. Sit down at the computer for a second and happen to notice the fish in my one 55 gallon tank are quite inactive.
  12. Look closer at that situation and realize the heater has ceased to be -- most likely because it was working overtime dealing with the 50F house.
  13. War officially is declared on the mice and I venture to the gas station to purchase biological weapons of mass destruction
  14. Return home and place bait. Continue to argue with the gas log and finally it concedes and begins heating my house. Fish continue to be in trance-like state since there is nowhere to purchase a heater at this time.

So really.... could anything else possibly happen? I'm quite sure the answer to that question is yet and I am also quite sure that I do not want to ask the question of what it is.

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Susan Reynolds said...

DO NOT ask questions like what else could happen!!! @badwolf and I can tell you, But MAn you had a horrible, no good very bad day.

susan reynolds
who your blogger blog wont let me sign in any other way -darn!