Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I just have to take another moment to give a lot of credit to where credit is due. My banking experience at Commerce Bank has been more positive than I could have ever imagined. I have never seen a bank willing to actually put themselves in their customer's shoes and waive frustrating fees. Any bank I have ever dealt with tries to milk their customers for all they can get them for.... manipulating the ways transactions post for the sole purpose of assesing the most NSF fees, for one example. Commerce is completely the opposite... they actually look for ways to not charge their customers. I have had situations where they would make a deposit available sooner because of a paticular situation I was in. My most recent situation was a transaction not posting to my account on the day that it was supposed to.... this was the fault of the sending party and not Commerce Bank at all. As a result, a check card transaction overdrew my account. I accounted for the $35 NSF fee and today I just found out that when a check card transaction pushes you over the limit, they don't even charge you at all!

I really can't give enough praise to Commerce Bank! If you are in a state that they are (PA, VA, DC, NY, CT, FL) then you really need to set up an account.... you'll be glad you did!

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