Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yes, Im still alive.
Things have been really crazy. Pizza Hut stressed me out a little bit over the last week... people quitting, training, and labor... lots of fun. I made some decissions that I seemingly took alot of heat for but I am still convinced I have made the right decissions.... and after tonight, I'm even more certain. Honestly, even though it has stressed me, I really enjoy that fact that I am given the oppritunity to step up to the plate like this. I hope that I can perform well in these situations, make the right decissions, and yes, hopefully, turn a few heads. I'm still not against a career at Pizza Hut.... I'm not against one at Computer Connections either. Right now I'm just sitting back and seeing what happens. I'm going to give both jobs my all and let the cards fall where they will. God will take care of me.... He has this far, He's not going to quit. Coming out of what was the most stressful part (even tho there still is plenty), I would not have traded that. The oppritunity and experience I gained through it all far surpasses the stress that I had. I actually feel good about my decissions.... and I hope that Steve and Dave see good in what I have done.... and give me guidance where I went wrong.
Things with Tiff are pretty good too. Honestly, as of this writing, everything is perfect across the board..... but just a few hours ago I hated myself. Why the change? Im not sure.... actually, Tiff said something to me right before she signed off tonight.... and it really made me feel good about who I was. There isn't (nor has there been) anything wrong with me and Tiff. Things were rocky in the last week.... but I wasnt myself..... but in the last few sentences she said to me.... I made a joke and she responded in a jokingly way.... but in a way that I knew she was serious.... well, she just really made me feel good about myself. I get to see her tomorrow night.... well, I guess it's technically tonight..... I'm looking forward to it! I love her so much!
Well, I am actually going to attempt to get some sleep tonight. I havent had a good sleep in a while.... and I'm sure to be up late tomorrow night..... er tonight er.... well, you know! Thanks everyone for your prayers! Thanks so much! Good night!

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